Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the day

sadis sadis sadis

my life such a really really bored lately. like im living in a white empty room *kata2 faisal pabila sunyi :P and kat nadiah, its 'kosong' yeahh.haha for today, i didnt do anything much. i spent my time watched movies since i woke up in the morning *not really morning* until im bored with it. pethetic!

movies for today :
  • p/s : i love you
  • the uninvited
  • in bruged
i like the first movie more than the others two. hurmm.. best betul! the second movie scary jugak. yang third, fiuhhhh. tak boleh tahan tahap kebosanan nye! ahha.

atok and nenek already back to temerloh. atok was worried about 'abu', seekor kucing kampung yang bijak. even, he told us about abu ken**** and be*** in the toilet, but then, he still worried about abu's kebajikan! HAHA. hurmm.. gonna miss them <3

haihh, my day of nothing HAHA

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